I hear you.

Family life is busy and it’s not every day that you have the energy for a full-on mud bath in your back garden (see previous post).  For  parents/carers who do the nursery/school run several times a day, it can seem like most of our time is spent moving people from one place to another, QUICKLY with less time for younger children.

Break the boredom and build in opportunities for language development to make sure it happens every day.

Let’s get ready


Involve your child in packing a bag. Offer choices “apples or bananas?” “dolly or Peppa Pig?”

Getting clothes on –“socks first, then shoes” “let’s get our coats”.

Talk about the weather “brr,it’s cold”  “drip drip – it’s raining” “hoods up” “mummy’s wet”.


Out and about


Try and leave 5- 10 minutes earlier so that you can take your time.

Point out what you can see and hear along the way e.g.  “a cat! Miaow” “a BIG bus!” “I can hear a plane”.

Talk about the same things every day  – over time, this will help your child to take a turn.

Encourage your child to get involved e.g. press the button at the Pelican Crossing, ding the bell on the bus, whilst you say the words  “ready….ding ding”  “green for…….. go!”


Watch and listen                            


Getting near? Let your little one out of the buggy so that they can explore.

Watch your child to see what they are interested in, even if it seems strange e.g. a dog poo, a squashed frog, a broken wall.

Show them that you are interested too by getting down to their level “ooh, look at that!”

Tel them the name of things and describe what they are like e.g. “poo –stinky” “stick all muddy”.


Something to remember


Take some photographs on your phone or camera of things your child finds interesting.

Take a bag or box – fill it things that you find together e.g. a leaf, a stone, a stick.

When you get home, look at them together and talk about the objects.