For most families, a rainy day means being cooped up indoors, engaging in quiet activities such as watching a film, playing puzzles or reading a book.

However, a rainy day offers fabulous and fun opportunities for language development. With these activities, your tot will be having a blast whilst learning new words and concepts.

  1. Catch raindrops on your tongue, hands and feet.
  2. Blow bubbles that are big or small, go up or down.
  3. Don’t just splash in puddles. You can also, jump, hop, skip, run and gallop through puddles.
  4. Take a look at the ground. See how the rain makes things muddy, slippery and slimy, squelchy (cue fart noises).
  5. If you don’t mind tearing up the grass (even more) slide on the wet grass or roll down a hill.
  6. Go on a worm hunt. Will your tot dare to touch? Will you? Show how they wriggle with your finger. Play tickle/chase games with your wiggly finger.
  7. Talk about animals that like the wet and where they live. Can you see any ducks, frogs, fish, snails? Where shall we look?
  8. Follow the rainfall. Where does it go? Down the street? Down a drain?
  9. Toss pebbles in a puddle. Who can make the loudest “plop” or the biggest ripples?
  10. Make mud pies or sandcastles.
  11. Find sticks. Who has the shortest/longest?
  12. Stir puddles to make magic spells or just dinner. Get old saucepans out for a full on mud kitchen complete with grassy herbs.
  13. Collect water in buckets/tubs. Talk about which ones are full/empty.
  14. Sing in the rain e.g. Gene Kelly style or “I hear thunder…” “Rain rain go away…” “its raining its pouring…”
  15. Take photos and talk about them another time.
  16. When it dries up, be sure to look for a rainbow
  17. Getting dry, complete with tractor like sound effects e.g. “brrrr” is all part of the fun.